United Colors Of

Konzertplakat Wiesbaden OGW                  31. Mai 1979

die lieder____boredom, white powder, proud to be a german, cup of wine, just too cool, bastards, long way from home, far away girl, tender roses, stay alone, stupid like you, it's my way, SGE, scratch your back, mama, delta fucker, dreams of a bourbon soaked man, i will, the fall down song, same old cup, litter blues, honey you're a lie, weisse neger

die cover songs____i don't care_sheena is a punk rocker_today your love, tomorrow the world.(ramones) never mind the bollocks.(sex pistols) new rose.(damned).wanna be your dog.(stooges) pills.(new york dolls) my generation.(the who) brown sugar_starfucker.(rolling stones) stepping stone.(monkees) mongoloid.(devo) back in the u.s.s.r..(beatles)